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Rain and Shine Workwear Sydney

Rain and Shine Workwear have been in business for over 5 years and have managed to build a loyal customer base along the way. We supply to a range of clients including local tradesmen, small to medium businesses and International Corporations, which include:

- Victoria International Container Terminal (Melbourne)

- Newcastle Stevedores (Newcastle)

- Soundwithvision (Sydney)

- HELIFITE Australia (Brisbane)

Our Products

Rain and Shine Workwear Sydney holds a large range of products to serve your exact needs; 

  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Personal Protection Equipment is an essential for all tradesmen regardless of the trade. Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, employers are under the obligation to provide PPE to employees and are not allowed to charge anyone for using the equipment. 

There is a wide range of PPE that are required for different roles. Rain and Shine Workwear provide the following safety equipment; safety boots, safety glasses, respirator masks, a variety of safety gloves, tear resistant clothing, and fire resistant clothing.

Have a look at our full range of products over at the Safety Wear Page .

  • Hi-Visibility Workwear

High visibility clothing is another essential for all tradesmen. Hi-Vi’s are also regulated by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Rain and Shine stock a wide variety of Hi-Vi’s to suit your exact needs. We supply hi-vis clothing for men and women in a variety of sizes and colours. Our range of hi-vi clothing include, t shirts,shirts, jackets, hoodies, vests, cargo pants and much more. 

To view a full range of hi vi clothing, visit our hi vi page. 

  • Industrial Workwear

For certain trade industries, different regulations apply. In some trades full body overalls are a requirement. Industrial workwear cover this category of clothing. Rain and Shine provide taped cargo pants, taped hi-vi’s shirts, service overalls, and denim work jeans.

  • Corporate Workwear

Working in a corporate environment requires employees to be dressed sensibly and neatly. Rain & Shine has a wide range of products catering to this category. This range includes, short & long sleeve shirts with different fabrics, polo shirts, mens pullovers, office skirts and pleated front pants. 

A full range of products is listed on the business wear page.

  • Sport Clothing and Fashion Clothing

We offer a large variety of sport and fashion clothing with around 10 brands to choose from. Our range includes, sport/fitness pants, cricket uniforms, ladies tights, sport jackets and jumpers, womens & mens tank tops, men & women shorts and soccer clothing. We also offer fashion clothing with reasonable pricing. Fashion Brands include, FashionBiz, Bocini, Van Heuseand much more. 

Visit the Sportswear Page for a full list of sporting products. 

If you are unable to locate any certain products within the Rain and Shine Workwear Online Store, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 138 405. Our reliable and dedicated team are able to provide a vast range of workwear clothing suited to your personal needs. Also, we provide a tailoring service for business to business relationships. For no extra costs, Rain and Shine Workwear Sydney can have a tailor come by and measure and fit your office staff.

What separates us from other workwear companies?

  • We only provide brands that comply with the Australian Safety Workwear Standards such as:

1906.4.2010 - This explains the use of Hi-Visibility workwear fabrics and reflective materials. It specifies the levels to which fabrics need to be dyed in terms of performance and atmospheric pressures in order to comply with safety workwear standards.

4602.1.2011 - This standard refers to how a garment is constructed using fabrics compliant to 1906.4 as stated above.

4399 - This standard refers to the capability of a fabric to protect skin against solar ultraviolet radiation.

  • We provide the world's most popular and trusted brands such as Calvin Klien, Bisley Workwear, Van Heusen and much more

  • We offer reasonable prices and sales.

  • We boast an easy to use online store with secure checkout options

  • We provide reasonable postage & handling fees.


Rain and Shine Workwear Sydney promises an easy experience, reliable service and great quality products. Shine like a diamond with Rain and Shine Workwear.

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